Mossimo Hartley II Buckle Ankle Boot

This weekend was a little wonky. It started off amazing, as I was surprised with a generous bonus from my part-time job (I’m pretty happy about this– the extra money will actually cover my Tory Burch boots!), but then it quickly went downhill. But that’s okay! Things happen, and we all have to make the best of it and just move on. Like, lets move on to these lovely Mossimo booties I bought at Target this weekend:

Booties from TargetMossimo Hartley II Buckle Ankle Booties – $39.99 @ Target

I’ve been looking for a few pairs of affordable footwear for the fall (my poor Tory Burch flats are seriously falling apart– yep, I wear them that much!), and these booties are perfect for the autumn months! I noticed that they also come in black, but I opted for this olive-like colour (who knows though, maybe I’ll go back and buy the black as well– ha!).

Booties from Target

I’ve only worn these booties for a day, and they feel pretty comfortable thus far. Today, I wore them with a pair of skinny jeans– what a perfect pair! I will definitely be packing these for my Ottawa/Toronto trip next month!

Booties from Target

What type of shoes do you normally wear during the fall months? 

Thanksgiving (solo)

love holidays! Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween… Christmas– Yep, I love them all and I usually go all out for each one of them (no shame!). In the last few years or so, I really enjoyed Thanksgiving. I was always blessed to share the holiday with loved ones (even though I lived away from my family), and took great pride in preparing Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving 2011Thanksgiving in Ottawa, 2011

This year, however, was a little different. Well, for starters, I no longer live in Ontario. And unfortunately, my parents were away on vacation for Thanksgiving (and my brother was away for work). I was a little bummed out, but I quickly realized that there will be times (like on holidays) where I will be alone. But guess what? Being alone isn’t such a bad thing! I have plenty of things to be thankful for! :)

Thanksgiving 2013Thanksgiving weekend in Ottawa, 2013

Instead of going through a list of things I’m thankful for, I just wanted to point out that I’m incredibly thankful for little words of wisdom and strength that I received in the last year. Whether it was from an old manager at an old job, a new co-worker/friend in Toronto, or from that complicated someone that I did not always get along with– all of those words… of encouragement… they really did help me.

I’ve realized that being alone is completely okay. It’s fine. Actually, it’s pretty awesome most of the time. I’m quickly learning how to appreciate the time to myself; while also learning a lot about who I am!

Thanksgiving 2014Thanksgiving this year, 2014

So yep, Thanksgiving solo wasn’t that bad ;)

Have you ever spent a major holiday alone?
What did you do? How did it make you feel?

Fall wishlist

I’m incredibly excited, you guys! My trip to Ottawa and Toronto is less than a month away!! I’m overwhelmed with joy to know that I’ll get to see my Ottawa friends and old co-workers, visit my favourite places, and just enjoy the city. Of course, I’m also pretty excited to do a little shopping (since let’s be real– shopping in Newfoundland is pretty much… non-existent). Here’s my fall wishlist this year:

Fall Wishlist

Tory Burch Claremont Tall Boot | MAC PearlGlide Intense Eye Liners | Tommy Hilfiger Jeans 
 LUSH Bubble Bars | Zara Tights | Kate Spade “Smile” Bangle

The biggest item is definitely the Tory Burch Claremont boots. I’ve been lusting over a pair of Tory Burch boots for two years now, and was pretty close to buying a pair last Christmas. But then I had second thoughts. This year, however, I’m making this happen! I’ve been saving (almost) every extra penny I get from both jobs.

What is on your fall wishlist?
When was the last time you splurged, and what was it on? 

J.Crew VS Target Statement Necklace

I’m a little obsessed with J.Crew, and much of my closet is from them. J.Crew is my “go to” store when I want an amazing statement necklace (#guiltypleasure!). Last year, when I was living in Toronto, I picked up this gorgeous statement necklace for around $55CAD. I still wear the necklace often (at least once a week), and I’m always receiving compliments on it!

J.Crew statement necklace

Last month, while browsing through the jewelry aisle at Target, I noticed that they had a pretty nice collection of statement necklaces. And look what I found– a J.Crew look-a-like!!!

statement necklaces1) J.Crew Statement Necklace (~$55), 2) Target Statement Necklace (~$16)

The resemblance is amazing! The Target version, however, is much lighter than the J.Crew one (it feels less “solid,” if that makes any sense?). I’m not 100% certain on the price, but I believe it was around $16– give or take a couple of dollars. They had quite the collection of statement necklaces, and I really regret not picking up a few!

Do you shop at Target? What are your favourite things to buy at Target?

PS: Did you see my Michael Kors VS Target wedges post?


Wow. I’m finally back after a long four months. What happened? Where have I been? Well, there was an issue with my hosting payment back in June (and um, I kinda didn’t realize it since I was being lazy and didn’t read my emails– oops!) and I lost pretty much all of my Fresh-Season files. Fun fact: I’m currently using to manually add all of my old posts. Tip: If you’re a blogger, please back up your files (common sense, I know– but you know, laziness got in the way!).

I’m working super hard to get back on track with blogging (amongst other things), so here are a few updates for anyone who has been wondering ;)


ONE | I’m still living in St. John’s, Newfoundland (I moved from Toronto in April) — Initially, the  big move was really difficult. I was living with my parents for about two months, and didn’t have all of my belongings from Toronto (or my dogs, Rocco and Pepper!). So, things were a little messy. However, I did secure a nice one bedroom apartment in downtown, St. John’s; and my dogs were shipped down in early July (#purehappiness!). While living alone can get a little lonely (and expensive!), I absolutely love it! It’s been a great change!

TWO | I finally got my driver’s license — Yes, yes, I know… I’m 27 years old and only recently got my license. Having my driver’s permit for eleven years was getting pretty embarrassing. There was no reason why I shouldn’t have my license. Well, I finally pulled up my big girl pants and got my license!

THREE | I’ve been working a lot — Employment in my field are pretty much non-existent here in Newfoundland. When I moved here, I knew I would be settling for a while (and settling is okay sometimes!). Initially, I was working at one job, full-time. However, I quickly picked up a new full-time job (keeping my first job as a part-time). So yep, I work six days/50 hours a week. It’s pretty exhausting, but it also allows me to live comfortably (living alone and looking after two doggies costs a pretty penny!).


FOUR | I booked a weekend getaway to Ottawa and Toronto! — As most of you already know, I spent three years living in Ottawa. I am completely in love with the city, and I have such an amazing group of friends back there. Last month, I opened my internet browser and booked a flight to Ottawa (followed by a day trip to Toronto!). I’m so incredibly excited about this (even if it’s only for a few days). Actually, when I’m having a rough day, I just think about my upcoming trip. It gives me warm fuzzies! Haha.

FIVE | I’ve been planning for even more big changes — When I moved back to Newfoundland in April, I knew it was only temporary. I needed to just relax, find some balance (and a little independence), and then go from there. In the last six months, I’ve been doing just that… but I’ve been also thinking about my next step. It may seem a little ridiculous to some, but I’ve made the decision to move back to Ottawa in the spring. I plan on making this gorgeous city my “new home” (read: my permanent home!)– all by myself :) (well, with Rocco and Pepper of course!). I couldn’t be happier!

PS- If things look a little odd (or links are missing), please bare with me. I’m still adding my old posts and pages (this may take a few weeks), but I plan on updating the blog regularly (starting TODAY!). And lastly, thank you… for your patience and those encouraging words I’ve been receiving! I’m glad to finally be back!


Target VS Michael Kors “Dami-x” Wedges

I’ve been such the bad blogger, I know. Other than a few instagram updates, I’ve been pretty M.I.A in the blogger/social media world. But things have been good. Really good. Since my last post, I’ve moved into my very own apartment (which has been amazing!) and recently started a new job. A few little bumps in the road, but I’ve been managing quite nicely.

Since settling in, I’ve also made a few several online purchases (hey, the shopping scene in Newfoundland is in its baby stages; a girls gotta cope somehow!). One one my purchases, were Dami-x wedges by Michael Kors ($128) which I bought from Capezio Shoes (a favourite shoe store!). Not only was I super impressed with the fairly quick shipping to Newfoundland (about 5-6 business days), but the Dami-x wedges are so so comfortable!

The funny part? Well, Target now sells a Dami-x look-a-like wedge! Just check out the comparison below: the first pair of wedges are from Target ($29), and the second pair being from Michael Kors ($128). The similarities are out of this world! (And for the record, both are pretty comfortable!).

targetvsmichaelkorsFirst pair of wedges: Target | $29.00
Second pair of wedges: Michael Kors | $128.00 (buy here)

What do you think? Can you tell much of a difference? 

PS: J.Crew is having an amazing sale right now– An extra 40% (and even 50%) off of sale items! I may have already taken advantage of the sale this morning ;)

Smashbox Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer

Last month, I mentioned that I was trying a new foundation primerSmashbox’s Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer (wow– long name!). Prior to trying Smashbox, I was pretty happy with “PrimeTime” primer by BareMinerals (which I wrote about here and here). While my foundation stayed on longer with PrimeTime, it didn’t do anything for the redness in my cheeks (which I hate).

And then I came across this little gem by Smashbox:

smashboxphotofinishPhoto Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer by Smashbox — $19

What it is: A revolutionary foundation primer formula that helps fill in fine lines and even out discoloration for a seamless finish.

What it does: The experts at Smashbox Studios Los Angeles know that a flawless, print-worthy image requires retouching and color-correcting. This revolutionary lightweight, oil-free, skin-perfecting primer formula can be worn alone or under foundation to increase its longevity. This silky blend of antioxidants, vitamins A and E, and soothing botanicals, like soy, lemongrass, and orchid complex, rejuvenates and refines.

What else you need to know: Adjust: green-toned to reduce redness and correct botchy skintone. Blend: apricot-toned to even out skintone and specifically counteract dark spots including brown spots. Balance: lavender-toned to brighten dull or sallow skin and even out skintone.

I’ve been using this colour correcting primer since early February, and I really, truly love the product! I use the green primer (since I have issues with redness), and it pretty much reduces the redness instantly! And of course, it helps keep your foundation stay on longer (like PrimeTime). I actually find that Smashbox’s primer is a little more silky-soft than PrimeTime (does that make sense?). I love the product so much, that I ended up purchasing a few tubes before leaving Toronto last month!

Have issues with your skin tone and the longevity of your foundation? Definitely give Smashbox’s Photo Finish Primer a try! I give it five stars, for sure!

Why I moved back to Newfoundland

I would imagine that those of you who follow regularly are a little confused as to why I suddenly moved back to Newfoundland. I know it seems a little crazy– to be living in Ottawa (a city that I absolutely love!) for three years, then to hop on over to Toronto for just eight months, then back to my home province. Well, there are several reasons.

Sometimes, I regret moving from Ottawa to Toronto. I love everything about Ottawa, and I consider it my second home. Everything about the city is beautiful, I love the atmosphere, and met so many great people.

ottawa1Canada day in Ottawa 2013 | Me and Pepper on the Rideau Canal 2010

But I moved to Toronto, because I felt that maybe there was more opportunity there (in regards to job prospects). I thought that I needed a change of scenery, as things were a little difficult in the first half of 2013. New city, new start right?

Well, the fact is… I hated Toronto. Sure, the shopping is great– but it just didn’t work. I didn’t fall in love with the city. Instead, I hated it. On top of my hatred for Toronto, my dad had a bad fall and my grandmother passed away. And  to be completely honest, Ken and I were drifting apart; so we both decided it was best to end things.

There are a few reasons why I moved back to Newfoundland; But most importantly, I moved back to work on myself. To live independently, to find a balance in my life, and to get things back on track. It’s a huge change, and it comes with so many challenges– but I’m positive that this is exactly what I need. Unfortunately, my beloved boxers (Pepper and Rocco) are not with me (and I miss them dearly), but will hopefully be shipped down next month. 

So here’s to big big changes!

“Sometimes you need to step outside, get some air, and remind yourself who you are and where you want to be.” 

Desk Essentials

Since late April, I’ve been living out of suitcases (no joke). At the moment, I’m staying at my parent’s place; but I get the keys to my very own apartment on June 1! I’m super excited (and of course, a little nervous)– this is will be my first place where I live completely alone! Huge, huge change.

One thing I’m looking forward to is re-establishing some sort of routine. I’m still working out a few details here in Newfoundland, but I’m positive that things will work out soon. Until then, I’ve been setting up daily tasks (and to-do lists) and weekly goals for myself. And of course, thinking about my new apartment and routine, reminds me that I need to establish a new working/desk area. Here are a few of my favourite desk essentials:


 What are your desk essentials?

J.Crew Factory Haul

One thing that I loved about Toronto was the shopping (of course!). I mean, shopping in Ottawa was decent (and will only get better with a new J.Crew store in the fall!); but pretty much everything is available in Toronto (J.Crew, Tory Burch, and Kate Spade being some of my favourites!).

And then I moved to St. John’s, Newfoundland.

But it’s okay. I really love my home province (clearly, for different reasons), so I’ll manage. As part of my “coping with this huge transition” (ahaha!), I made a few online purchases last week (from French Connection and J.Crew Factory). Here are the items I purchased at J.Crew;

photo 1Printed Draped Tank: $38.63 | Factory Cutaway Top: $43.88 | Factory Thorn and Crystal Necklace: $14.99

*Prices in USD

Believe it or not, I’m sort of new to online shopping. Well, for clothes anyway. Thankfully, I knew my sizing for J.Crew– so I wasn’t too worried about it (but then again, sometimes the fit is completely horrendous!). But luckily, the fit for both tops ended up being perfect. I especially love the second top (the yellow one). The cutout on the back is super adorable (and flirty!)– I’m really thinking about buying it in the other colours!

photo 1J.Crew Factory Thorn and Crystal Necklace – Now on clearance! $19.99

photo 1Necklace: J.Crew Factory | Flower/Vase: Target | Planner: Erin Condren (c/o)

I’m super pleased that my J.Crew Factory purchases ended up being great choices! I was a little bummed earlier, because UPS also delivered my Tory Burch Hugo Flats (which were being repaired)… and yeah, look at what they sent me! I was fuming (and immediately got in touch with TB in Toronto!). I’ll update you all on that later :/

What was your last online purchase? Were you pleased with it?

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