Kate Spade New York bow earrings

Last Christmas, I picked up the ever-so-popular bow ring from Kate Spade ($48, but the silver version is now on sale for $19!); and I’ve been wearing it ever since! It’s actually one of my favourite pieces of fashion jewelry, and I feel so naked without it!

Kate Spade Bow Ring

When I was in Ottawa a few weeks ago, I was browsing through the Hudson’s Bay Company when I noticed that they now sell Kate Spade jewelry! This is great news if you don’t have a KSNY or Holts store near you (and well, shipping and duties are ridiculous for us Canadians!). After browsing their selection, I ended up picking out a pair of matching bow earrings!

Kate Spade Bow EarringsKate Spade New York Bow Earrings ($48) – Now available at the Bay!

Kate Spade Bow Earrings

I absolutely love these studs, and wear them daily!

You can browse The Bay’s Kate Spade selection HERE (and remember, TheBay.ca offers FREE SHIPPING for orders over $99!). 

Ottawa and Toronto Recap

Earlier this month, I managed to put everything aside here in Newfoundland and traveled to Ottawa for a few days. Despite my initial flight with Porter Airlines being cancelled, I had a wonderful trip and was smiling from ear to ear the entire time! Here are a few photos and tidbits from my trip–


ONE | I was pretty bummed out that my initial flight with Porter was cancelled due to fog on that Friday evening. Thankfully, I managed to rescheduled my flight to Monday morning (I am so grateful that my work allowed me to take the extra days off!). After arriving in Ottawa, my first stop was to hit up Magpie Jewelry and pick up the “Ottawa necklace” by Ottawa jewelry designer Lissa Bowie! It was actually the last one in stock, so I’m glad I got my hands on one ;)


TWO | Of course, I made several pitstops into Sephora, LUSH, the Hudson Bay Company, etc. PS: Did you know the Bay now sells Kate Spade jewelry!?


THREE | A trip to Ottawa isn’t a proper trip if shawarma isn’t involved ;) I was so excited to grab a chicken shawarma platter from one of my favourite places on Rideau street! The following morning, I woke up bright and early and had a lovely breakfast at the BagelShop in Westboro :)


FOUR | My days in Ottawa were jammed packed. I mean, I arrived late Monday afternoon; spent Wednesday in Toronto; and flew back to Newfoundland on Thursday afternoon. So, my schedule was super busy, as I tried my best to see old friends, co-workers, parts of town, etc. Thankfully, I did have a few hours to just sit, relax, and really enjoy the present moment.


FIVE | I really couldn’t have asked for better weather when I was there. It was fairly mild, and I even wore a sweater (no jacket!) during an afternoon walk through Westboro.


SIX | While in Westboro, I made a stop into one of my favourite cupcake places in Ottawa– the Cupcake Lounge! Oh so good!


SEVEN | Continuing with the food theme, I may have also stopped into the French Baker on Bank Street for some amazing french macrons!


EIGHT |  One of my favourite things to do in Ottawa (usually on Sunday afternoons) is to have afternoon tea at Nectar Fine Teas! The spread is amazing, and the service is always top-notch!


NINE | While in Ontario, I decided to take a very late Greyhound bus to Toronto (at like, 1:00AM!). Not only did I want to see Laura and pop into Tory Burch and Kate Spade (ha!), but I also wanted to just visit Toronto again. I mean, it kind of blows my mind that I was living there in April (where my life was very different from what it is now). I left Toronto fairly abruptly, and not on the best terms… so I just felt I had to be back and just process a few emotions (whoa, #realtalk!).


TEN | After much shopping, Laura and I ended the day with a lovely lunch at Joeys! It was great visiting the city, and seeing a great friend :)


ELEVEN | My Greyhound bus left Toronto around 4PM, and I was super exhausted! I did end up getting a few goodies (including these adorable Kate Spade bow booties!), which I’ll blog about later on this week ;)

Although it was short, my trip to Ottawa and Toronto was perfect! I enjoyed every second there– and I am so incredibly excited for the spring, as I will be calling Ottawa my permanent home!

Target Canada haul

One of my favourite things to do on Sundays (other than sleeping in), is to hit up Target. I’m always finding great things there (like these Michael Kors look-a-like wedges, these Mossimo Hartley booties, and let’s not forget about this gorgeous J.Crew look-a-like statement necklace!). Yep, I’m obsessed.

I needed to pick up a few things for today’s flight, so I decided to check out Target. And oops…

Target Canada HaulWhat I bought:
Champion sweater (which ties up in the middle) | Champion Tank | Essie “Big Spender” Polish | Covergirl Mascara | RUSK W8less Hairspray | Dove Deodorant | Olay Travel Body Wash | Ardell Fake Lashes | DUO Lash Glue

Target Canada Haul

I briefly mentioned that my flight to Ottawa was cancelled on Friday. The funny thing about it, is that my cousin was flying with me (same time, but different airline). So her flight took off, without a hitch; while mine was delayed and ultimately, cancelled. I didn’t have any check-in baggage (only a carry-on), so I put all of my liquids and make-up in my cousin’s luggage. So, erm yes, I’ve been makeup-less all weekend (oh, the horror!). Thus, the Covergirl and hairspray purchases ;)

What have you bought at Target lately?

The little things…

This weekend was a little pretty frustrating. After weeks upon weeks of anticipation, I was suppose to fly to Ottawa on Friday (just until Tuesday morning). My cousin, who is not very familiar to Ottawa, decided to come as well. Both of our flights were to leave at the same time (although we were on different flights, with different airlines). Hers took off, without delay, Friday night. Mine? Well, mine was a little delayed. And then cancelled (due to the fog). It left me pretty bummed (and confused as to why my flight was the only one that was cancelled– while all the others were leaving and arriving as scheduled). Holy frustrating!

On that note, I decided to come up with a little collage of the little things that have made me smile this week– because for me, it’s always #thelittlethings :)

The Little Things

A good book – I love reading, and just escaping into a good book for a hour or two. Last year, I was reading pretty regularly; but then I got sidetracked when life got a little crazy and I moved to Newfoundland. Earlier this week, I picked up “Me Before You” by JoJo Moyes, and ohmygod. This book. Amazing. I’ll admit, I’m not quite finished yet (about 90% done), but I highly, highly recommend this! You won’t be able to put it down!

Puppy snuggles – Cuddles from my two boxer dogs, Pepper and Rocco, have always made me happy. But lately, I’ve been appreciating their company, cuddles, and little licks on my hand so much more. It’s been a little difficult… to take care of two dogs on my own, but it’s so worth it, and I love (and appreciate) them oh so much :)

Early mornings – I wake up at 6:00AM during the weekdays, and I have a love/hate relationship with it. But this week, I’ve been really enjoying the quiet mornings. I typically do my make-up on my window sill in my bedroom (with the window open), so I’ve been enjoy that time… where everything seems a little more quiet, and still. It’s nice.

Chocolate – This one makes me giggle a little. But I’m going to be real– chocolate, this week, has made me happy. Sometimes, work (plus life) can get a little stressful (and I just want to scream!). But a mid-afternoon chocolate bar (paired with diet pepsi– my guilty pleasure– of course!) may have made me relax a little more on Wednesday (it’s funny how chocolate can do that!).

A decent playlist – You know how some songs remind you of a certain time, or place in your life? Well, I have a bunch of these songs on my playlist. They remind me of happy, lighter times, and nothing gets me in a better mood than listening to them! (Okay, maybe they also make me a little nostalgic as well!).

PS– I managed to reschedule my flight, to Ottawa, for tomorrow! :)

What has made you happy this week?

J.Crew statement necklaces

One of my absolute favourite things about fashion is definitely the accessories! Whether it’s a sparkly statement necklace, a chic handbag, or a rose gold bangle– I’m all for it! For years, I would only really buy my accessories (necklaces, bracelets, rings, and earrings) from Aldo and Spring. They’re pretty affordable, and always in style.

But in the last year or so, I’ve been really loving the jewelry from J.Crew! My favourite? Their statement necklaces! Of course, some of them are a little pricey– but you can definitely snag a beautiful piece during one of J.Crew’s amazing sales!

J.Crew Statement Necklace

I think I paid around $55-$60 for the statement necklace above (It’s from J.Crew, but you can find a cheaper version at Target! See my post about it HERE). While the necklace was more expensive than what I would buy at Aldo or Spring, I’m super glad I bought it. I wear it often, and I get so many compliments on it!

J.Crew Statement Necklace

The necklace above (also from J.Crew) is my newest piece. I bought it last month, on sale, for around $40. I’m absolutely in love with it!

J.Crew Statement Necklace

If J.Crew jewelry is a little out of your budget, you can try J.Crew Factory which has several great options! Their pieces are much more affordable, and go on sale quite often. I bought the necklace above for ~$14!

J.Crew Statement Necklace

Do you own any statement pieces? Where do you buy your jewelry from?

“Sand Tropez” by Essie + A few tidbits

love reading beauty reviews, but I’ll admit– I do find they can get a little boring. Like, I’m less likely to (regularly) follow a blog that posts strictly reviews. It gets boring… I’m a nosey person (ha!), I need to know about your life! Show me what’s in your handbag, or how you organize your day planner please! So with that being said, here’s my review of Essie’s “Sand Tropez” polish– but with a few tidbits of my week at the end! ;)

Sand Tropez by Essie

I’m usually all over the vibrant polishes in the summer months– hot pinks, purples, bright blues, and even aqua greens! I love bright colours, especially when it comes to my nails. But sometimes, I need something more “clean” and subtle looking. I’ve tried numerous of neutral polishes, but my latest favourite is from Essie. It’s called “Sand Tropez!”

Sand Tropez by Essie

Sand Tropez is a nude creme colour, which is perfect for the fall months (and great for more conservative jobs!). I’ve been obsessing over this polish ever since I bought it at Target a few weeks ago. If you want to make it a little more glamorous, you can always add a glitter polish on the ring finger (or even on all tips!).

Sand Tropez by Essie

TIDBIT #1: Last week, my heart ached. I’m sure most of you are now aware about the shooting that happened downtown Ottawa last week. Not only were many of my friends near the scene and were on lock-down (as many of them work for the government), but it was just something that was difficult to grasp. I consider Ottawa to be my second home, and it was just odd to read about it– in that capacity– in the newspapers.

Sand Tropez by Essie

TIDBIT #2: Speaking of Ottawa… there’s only 11 more days until my trip to Ottawa and Toronto! I’m incredibly excited! As much as I adore Newfoundland, I am experiencing a little cabin fever. I’m super happy to be visiting Ontario (even if it’s just for the weekend), see a few friends, and do a little shopping ;)

Sand Tropez by Essie

QUESTION: And lastly, is there anything that you would like to see on Fresh-Season.com? More beauty reviews? Fashion related posts? What’s inside my purse? Or a post on my move back home/living alone etc? Let me know in the comments! :)

Eight things I learned after moving across the country

I’ve backpacked through Europe for a semester, lived [alone] in Russia for two months, and moved to a couple of new cities without knowing anyone. But do you know what was the most difficult move I ever experienced? It was moving across the country– from Ontario (where I only spent three years) back to Newfoundland (where I was born and raised).

Maybe it’s because I fell in love with Ontario. Maybe it was because I just ended a long, serious relationship. Or was it because I had two dogs that also needed to be shipped? Whatever it was, moving from Toronto back to Newfoundland earlier this spring was pretty difficult. Here are eight things I learned after moving across the country–

Eight Things I learned After Moving Across the Country

ONE | To-Do lists are a must! – Whenever I make a big decision, like moving to a different province, I always write up several to-do lists. Some of the to-do lists that I’ve written up were: “Things to bring,”Things to sell,” “Things to buy,” and “Things to save up for.” I think those are the biggest ones. To-do lists have actually saved me so many times. They kept me on track, and reminded me of important belongings that I may otherwise have left behind.

TWO | Figuring out where to live is stressful – When I moved to Ottawa in 2010, finding an apartment was pretty easy (although a little stressful). I did google where the quiet neighbourhoods were, and which apartment buildings were decent to live in. I didn’t get to view the apartment beforehand (since I was living in a different province), but it ended up going smoothly. When I decided to move back to Newfoundland in the spring, apartment hunting was so much more difficult. For starters, most landlords in Newfoundland don’t allow pets (especially two large dogs). I ended up paying a little more than I really should have, but I guess it was worth it (well, I would never ever give up my pets!).

Eight things I learned after moving across the country

THREE | I had a lot of stuff! - It boggles my mind how much stuff I had in Ottawa (a lot of clothes, coats, books, shoes!). I ended up bringing only two suitcases with me on the plane, and had to ship the rest of my clothing, shoes, etc down a couple of months later. Along with those belongings, I ended up shipping down a few bigger items including my couch, a TV, more clothing, and a few big storage containers full of important things (IE, some special Christmas decorations). Surprisingly, moving all of those things didn’t cost too much. I ended up going on Kijiji and finding a super reliable moving company. Altogether, I ended up paying $550 for shipping.

FOUR | Always Expect something to go wrong – Along with my to-do lists, I had a tentative moving schedule wrote up. I was suppose to ship some of my belongings weeks before the move, end my job just before my move in the summer, etc etc. However, things got a little messy when there was a sudden death in my family (and my dad had a bad accident the week prior). My schedule went out the window. I had to pack my most important belongings in one evening, and booked a flight for the following day. Emotions were running pretty high that day.

Eight things I learned after moving across the country

FIVE | Metal breakdowns happen – Moving is stressful. But this move was extra stressful because of the sudden death in my family, and my dad’s accident. And I just ended a long-term relationship. So yeah, I was all alone and I felt like things were being thrown at me… all at once. I had several breakdowns– one being while I was packing, another being in a cab on the way to the airport, and yep, even on the plane. PS– breakdowns are completely normal. Just bring sunglasses and don’t forget to pack your concealer ;)

SIX | Flying your pets is more than nerve wracking! – The biggest stress of the entire move was flying my pets. My pets were never on a plane before (and I never shipped any pets in my life), so I was extremely nervous. I also went two months without seeing them, as they were shipped to me once I settled in. I ended up shipping them via WestJet Cargo for $400CAD each. The entire process went fairly smoothly, but both dogs were a little overwhelmed at the end (and they were drooling/shaking a lot!). Poor babies!

Eight things I learned after moving across the country

SEVEN | Things will go missing - No matter how many to-do lists I wrote up, things still ended up going missing. There were a few things that I forgot to bring/ship down, and there were a few things that were deliberately not shipped to me by my ex (*Ahem* my second laptop). But I’ve come to realize that there’s nothing I can do about it now.

EIGHT | There will be some regrets and second guessing – Second guessing your decision will most-likely happen (and it’s completely normal!). I had a little panic attack when I was first throwing my clothes into my suitcases the evening before my departure. I was a mess (due to receiving bad news about my grandmother), and was feeling pretty regretful. I enjoyed my life in Ontario. Was I making a huge mistake? The feeling of regret and second guessing didn’t stop there. During the spring, I would wake up in the middle of the night, crying, because I felt like a made a big mistake. However, things started to fall in place once I moved into my new apartment, started a new job, and had my doggies with me. Plus, I take comfort in the idea of “if you’re unhappy with something in your life, change it!” — Moving back to Newfoundland isn’t for good. I do have the power to change the direction of my life, and can always move back :)

Eight things I learned after moving across the country

What was your biggest move? 

Mossimo Hartley II Buckle Ankle Boot

This weekend was a little wonky. It started off amazing, as I was surprised with a generous bonus from my part-time job (I’m pretty happy about this– the extra money will actually cover my Tory Burch boots!), but then it quickly went downhill. But that’s okay! Things happen, and we all have to make the best of it and just move on. Like, lets move on to these lovely Mossimo booties I bought at Target this weekend:

Booties from TargetMossimo Hartley II Buckle Ankle Booties – $39.99 @ Target

I’ve been looking for a few pairs of affordable footwear for the fall (my poor Tory Burch flats are seriously falling apart– yep, I wear them that much!), and these booties are perfect for the autumn months! I noticed that they also come in black, but I opted for this olive-like colour (who knows though, maybe I’ll go back and buy the black as well– ha!).

Booties from Target

I’ve only worn these booties for a day, and they feel pretty comfortable thus far. Today, I wore them with a pair of skinny jeans– what a perfect pair! I will definitely be packing these for my Ottawa/Toronto trip next month!

Booties from Target

What type of shoes do you normally wear during the fall months? 

Thanksgiving (solo)

love holidays! Easter, Thanksgiving, Halloween… Christmas– Yep, I love them all and I usually go all out for each one of them (no shame!). In the last few years or so, I really enjoyed Thanksgiving. I was always blessed to share the holiday with loved ones (even though I lived away from my family), and took great pride in preparing Thanksgiving dinner.

Thanksgiving 2011Thanksgiving in Ottawa, 2011

This year, however, was a little different. Well, for starters, I no longer live in Ontario. And unfortunately, my parents were away on vacation for Thanksgiving (and my brother was away for work). I was a little bummed out, but I quickly realized that there will be times (like on holidays) where I will be alone. But guess what? Being alone isn’t such a bad thing! I have plenty of things to be thankful for! :)

Thanksgiving 2013Thanksgiving weekend in Ottawa, 2013

Instead of going through a list of things I’m thankful for, I just wanted to point out that I’m incredibly thankful for little words of wisdom and strength that I received in the last year. Whether it was from an old manager at an old job, a new co-worker/friend in Toronto, or from that complicated someone that I did not always get along with– all of those words… of encouragement… they really did help me.

I’ve realized that being alone is completely okay. It’s fine. Actually, it’s pretty awesome most of the time. I’m quickly learning how to appreciate the time to myself; while also learning a lot about who I am!

Thanksgiving 2014Thanksgiving this year, 2014

So yep, Thanksgiving solo wasn’t that bad ;)

Have you ever spent a major holiday alone?
What did you do? How did it make you feel?

Fall wishlist

I’m incredibly excited, you guys! My trip to Ottawa and Toronto is less than a month away!! I’m overwhelmed with joy to know that I’ll get to see my Ottawa friends and old co-workers, visit my favourite places, and just enjoy the city. Of course, I’m also pretty excited to do a little shopping (since let’s be real– shopping in Newfoundland is pretty much… non-existent). Here’s my fall wishlist this year:

Fall Wishlist

Tory Burch Claremont Tall Boot | MAC PearlGlide Intense Eye Liners | Tommy Hilfiger Jeans 
 LUSH Bubble Bars | Zara Tights | Kate Spade “Smile” Bangle

The biggest item is definitely the Tory Burch Claremont boots. I’ve been lusting over a pair of Tory Burch boots for two years now, and was pretty close to buying a pair last Christmas. But then I had second thoughts. This year, however, I’m making this happen! I’ve been saving (almost) every extra penny I get from both jobs.

What is on your fall wishlist?
When was the last time you splurged, and what was it on? 

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